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Your Freediving Journey

Whether you are just starting out or continuing your Freediver training,

we are excited to be a part of your journey.

Zephyr Freediving offers the PADI Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses, along with continued training opportunities post-certification. We specialize in working with newer freedivers who are looking for a fun, safe, and relaxed introduction to the sport, as well as freedivers who wish to continue their training and enhance their technique.

Classes are held in South Florida and the Florida Springs.

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Freediving Courses and Training

PADI Freediver Course

Freediver Pool Florida

Become a certified PADI Freediver during this 2-day course.

You'll learn the foundational knowledge you need to freedive, proper breathhold techniques, and skills for freediving in the pool and open water.

This course is suitable for the very beginner as well as those students who have dabbled in freediving but have never taken a certification course.

PADI Advanced Freediver

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Go deeper and improve your technique with the PADI Advanced Freediver Course.

This 2-Day Course builds upon the foundation your built in your Level 1 Freediver class. You'll learn new relaxation and breathing techniques, master a 2 1/2 minute static apnea, complete a longer distance dynamic apnea, and develop techniques for completing deeper line dives. 

Students must be certified freedivers and at least 15 years old to take this course.

PADI Freediver Upgrade

Freediving Offshore Reefs Florida

The Freediver Upgrade is perfect for students who have completed the classroom and pool training of the Freediver course, and wish to complete the open water training to become certified freedivers. 

The open water dives can be completed in 1 day, and may be preceded by some refresher pool training depending on the length of time since your last pool dive.

Under Water

Freediving Refresher

Florida Springs Freediving

If it has been a while since you've freedived and you're looking to get back into the sport, a refresher is the perfect way to begin diving safely and confidently again. 

Refreshers can be completed in the pool, open water, or both depending on your goals. 

Pool Training

Freediver Pool Florida

Pool sessions include a breathe-up and stretching session beforehand, then progress into training in static apnea, dynamic apnea, or other requested disciplines.

Exercises are designed to build CO2 tolerance and train O2 uptake.

Open Water Training

Freediving Offshore Reefs Florida

Open Water Training sessions may take place at Blue Heron Bridge, Tigertail Lake, or offshore with one of our partner operators. 

Depending on the site and individual goals, we'll work on a combination of depth training, equalization, form, technique, breath hold, and discipline.

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