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Your Underwater Adventure Awaits

Freediving and Mermaiding are some of the most natural, peaceful, and rewarding ways to enjoy the underwater world. Zephyr Freediving offers PADI Freediver and PADI Mermaid classes ranging from discovery experiences to instructor courses. We are proud supporters of PADI AWARE and actively work to restore and protect the aquatic world.


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PADI Mermaid Courses

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Catering to all merfolk! We offer the full suite of PADI Mermaid Classes, ranging from Discover Mermaid sessions to Mermaid Instructor Courses.


Embrace your inner mermaid or merman and experience the underwater world in a new, magical way.

PADI Freediver Courses

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Take your first breaths into Freediving or continue your Training. We offer group and private PADI Freediver classes, with a focus on students looking to begin their freediving journey or hone their techniques after their first course.

Group classes are kept small to ensure individual attention.

CPR/First Aid Courses

Diving First Aid CPR

Safety First! Whether you are a water-baby or a land lubber, being prepared to respond in the event of an emergency - major or minor - is top priority.

We offer provider and instructor level courses in CPR, First Aid, Oxygen administration, and water-related injuries.

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