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Safety is Everything

The underwater world is a truly amazing place, and exploring it is a fantastic privilege. While we love to have fun, it's important to be safe in all of our diving activities. It's also important to be prepared in the event that we run into any problems, big or small. 

If you haven't taken a CPR/First aid course recently, Zephyr Freediving offers provider courses so that you can be ready to assist others in and out of the water. We also offer instructor courses for anyone who is interested in teaching this life-saving skills to others. 

All ages are welcome for the provider courses, and we encourage all of our water-lovers to become prepared divers! Read the descriptions below for more on what type of courses are available.

Green Coral and Fish

Dive In

Diver Rescue EFR

Emergency First Response Course

The Emergency First Response Course covers Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid). It is based on medical practices and recommendations that are recognized worldwide, and satisfies the CPR/First Aid requirements for PADI Courses as well as many workplace and club requirements.

The certification is valid for 24 months.

DAN CPR First Aid Diving

DAN Provider Courses

Divers Alert Network (DAN) offers provider courses in Basic Life Support, Oxygen Provider, and Diving First Aid for Diving Professionals. It is based on internationally recognized standards and updated regularly by professionals in dive medicine.

The Basic Life Support and DAN DFA Pro classes satisfy the CPR/First Aid requirements necessary for PADI Courses as well as many other organizations.

These certifications are valid for 24 months.

DAN Instructor Course

DAN DFA Pro Instructor Course

The DAN DFA Pro Instructor Qualification Course or IQC qualifies participants to teach 3 DAN Provider Courses. 

These instructor ratings satisfy the requirement to be a Primary/Secondary Care Instructor for becoming a PADI Freediver Instructor.

Participants must hold a professional diver rating, such as Divemaster or Freediver Instructor, in order to qualify for the course.

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