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Zephyr Freediving's Beginnings

A Note About our Origins

::zephyr:: a soft, gentle breeze; a breeze from the West

Pronounced: Zeh-fur

In Greek mythology, Zephyros was the god of the west wind, bringing light and the soft breezes of early Spring.

Freediver light beam
Zephyr Freediving Founder, Jillian Blakkan-Strauss, touching a Light Beam

With the above in mind, our name Zephyr Freediving comes from the feeling of peace and calm when a soft breeze washes over you, much like the feeling of peacefulness that freedivers experience beneath the water's surface. It also embodies the spirit of spring, new beginnings, and rejuvenation.

Zephyr Freediving began with the goal of connecting as many people as possible with the wonderful benefits of Freediving and Mermaiding. There is something truly magical about how underwater breathholding can be at once calming and relaxing, but also exciting and invigorating. There is a rush, but also a stillness. Each dive is different, and each person's experience is unique.

As Zephyr Freediving grows, we continue to focus on introducing new divers to the sports of Freediving and Mermaiding. We also emphasize continued training for divers, whether it is pool or open water sessions, or the next Level PADI Course.

Florida PADI Mermaid Blue Heron Bridge

Our classes are kept small so that we can cater our instruction to each student's needs. Comfort and safety are key, and creating a welcoming environment is fundamental to helping divers place mind over matter. The more divers are able to connect with their minds and journey within themselves, the more connected they are to the breath, motions, and the water around them.

Freediving and Mermaiding have been around for ages, but the sports themselves are ever-evolving to stay as safe and efficient as possible. As such, we regularly attend conferences, events, and training camps to stay current with best practices, enhance what we can offer our students, and improve as divers ourselves. Our philosophy is that trainers themselves must continue to train to offer the best possible experiences to those who dive with them.

We look forward to diving with you in the warm waters of South Florida and the crystalline blues of the Central Florida Springs. Send us a message to ask a question, learn more or sign up for your next course!

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